Final Approach: By The Numbers

As a celebration of a successful year with Final Approach, we thought we would share some fun statistics with you all! We've been collecting analytics since the launch of Cargo Drop #1 on Final Approach and at launch with Final Approach: Pilot Edition.

VR Playtesting for Phaser Lock

We've got exciting things in store for Phaser Lock, and we need your help to playtest our current project in development! We're currently looking for playtesters to help give us feedback and have fun in a fast-paced VR game. 

Virtual reality is a new medium with tons of challenges and surprises. Testing levels, new mechanics and the flow of the experience is absolutely essential. By volunteering your time to playtest, you make the game as great as it can be and contribute to the success of VR!

We're super excited to have the opportunity to bring in playtesters, but we are limited to those who can come in person. If you're in the Austin area/willing to travel and over the age of 18, let us know you're interested in playtesting and we'll bring you in!

Send us an email at if you're interested!

Final Approach launches on Oculus Touch

We are excited to announce the launch of Final Approach on Oculus Touch systems. Hand-tracking is an essential part of the experience of Final Approach, and we’re extremely excited to offer our original game to players on Oculus Rift.

This day is one we've been looking forward to with immense anticipation. We were announced on the stage of Oculus Connect 2 alongside several other titles that have gone on to see great success at launch. 

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe on the stage announcing the first batch of launch titles planned for Oculus Touch at Oculus Connect 2 (2015). 

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe on the stage announcing the first batch of launch titles planned for Oculus Touch at Oculus Connect 2 (2015). 

In the eight months since Final Approach has launched on HTC Vive, we’ve been amazed by the response from our fans. When we created Final Approach as a mere prototype at the Austin Roomscale VR Jam in 2015, we never would have imagined how it would develop to become the magical experience it is today.  Constantly we hear how our game makes players “feel like a kid again” in our world of tiny planes and big challenges.

In order to continue reaching more fans with the fantastic world we’ve created, we will be permanently reducing the price of Final Approach and Final Approach: Pilot Edition to $14.99 USD. Today is a day that we expand the horizon for players to experience Final Approach through the launch of Oculus Touch, and we want t make it available to as many players as possible. 

Additionally, we are happy to continue to offer Final Approach: Pilot Edition for free to any owner of Final Approach- and vice versa! If you have already purchased Final Approach: Pilot Edition on Oculus Home, the Touch version of Final Approach will be available for you to download for free. 

**(NOTE: As of right now, the price of Final Approach: Pilot Edition has not been lowered on Oculus Home. To receive both games, purchase Final Approach on Oculus Home and Pilot Edition will be available for you to download for free. If purchasing on Steam, prices are correct and you will still automatically receive the other game when purchasing either Final Approach or Pilot Edition.)

We offer a huge thank you to all of our fans and community for their support of Final Approach thus far, and can't wait to hear about the adventures of new players on Oculus Touch.


Get Final Approach on Oculus Touch via Oculus Home or Steam today!