It's been an exciting day here for Final Approach here at Phaser Lock! We hope some of you got the chance to grab a pre-order for the HTC Vive today. Some of you may have noticed when you took a look at the HTC Vive page on Steam...

That game in the top left sure looks familiar! We are now live on Steam, with an all new trailer and screenshots on our Store page. We're so grateful to be among some VR greats with the content launching on SteamVR. It's hard to believe that it's only just beginning!
For those wondering about purchase: We won't be launching until April with the Vive, but hopefully the content we'll be pushing out over the next month will tide you over as you get excited for launch! So continue to follow us on Twitter and Facebook- and while you're at it, add us to your wishlist on Steam!
P.S.: Here's the new trailer we launched on Steam today: