Hey! This is Todd Bailey, Creative Director at Phaser Lock Interactive, here to bring you some more information about the recently released Twisted Arrow Patch (Patch - 01).

First of all, the community response to the game has been overwhelmingly positive, so thank you for that. It's good to know people are enjoying playing the game as much as we enjoyed making it. We've also been looking through the feedback we've received, and we used a lot of it to set the direction for our patch, so here's what we did:

  • We improved the frame rate in a few places.

There weren't a lot of places that were problematic, but a couple of map locations in particular where too many explosions, too many bad guys, or some lighting or texture issues caused some framerate drops. We looked at each one individually to clear up any issues we could find and fix.


  • We adjusted the range to which you could angle the bow.

One of the things players asked for was to be able to angle the bow to a higher degree to make it feel more comfortable in their hands, so we increased the range of angles to help with that.


  • Resting the arrow on the other side of the bow.

I recall that one of the things we debated when we started working on Twisted Arrow was which side of the bow the arrow should rest on before it’s fired, and now that players are playing the game the debate has reopened, so we've given you the option to put it on whichever side you prefer.


  • Added an option for "non-dash" style teleporting.

Another thing we debated was whether or not the teleporting needed a dash-style, so you can actually see the world move briefly when you teleport, or just "pop" to your location. We opted to do the dash-style as we felt it would be more comfortable for the majority of our players. However, many players have asked for a non-dash style teleport, so we listened and added this option.


  • Fixed a bug that caused some invisible objects in the world.

You've probably never seen them. :) Ok, you surely haven't seen them, but you probably never noticed them. A few items in the world would become invisible (such as parts that fly off a destroyed drone) and, in rare cases, those objects could block arrows. We've found and fixed those.


  • Reduced the extra-long pause at the end of the Prison Mission.

This was the first mission we finished, and the pause at the end before the scoring screen came up was too long, so it's been reduced to feel more consistent with other mission score screen notifications.


  • Mixed reality recording is working. We're still finding a few issues in certain situations, but we will address those and keep working on it.

We're hoping the community will start putting together some videos for us to check out soon! We love watching your reviews, and we love mixed reality for Twisted Arrow in particular!


  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

This is the catch-all line of all patch updates, so suffice it to say we fixed some text errors, some random backend code that you would never see, and various things that most players probably never noticed (but still bothered us that they were happening.)

Ok, that's it for this update. Hope you enjoy it, and keep sending us feedback!