Phaser Lock Interactive is an integrated creative virtual reality studio, providing the most immersive experiences in its projects. Whether it's developing a best-selling virtual reality game across the top platforms or an entertaining branded VR experience for clients, Phaser Lock produces content of the highest quality. 

VR Game Development

Our knowledge from 20+ years of experience in the industry is second only to the passion we have for creating engaging video game experiences. Our team members have worked in the past to ship AAA video game titles and are no strangers to the demands of game production. We welcome the challenge that virtual reality presents to us, taking pride in shipping games that are not only polished but that can truly fill players with wonder.

Interactive VR Experiences

With the advent of virtual reality comes a whole new playing field for narrative and interactive experiences. It is an immersive medium with endless opportunities for connecting individuals to experiences in meaningful ways. We’re pushing the boundaries of interaction and narrative in virtual spaces to tell immersive stories that captivate and inspire viewers. We want to transport people to worlds that they have only seen in their dreams.

Integrated VR Consultancy

We are experts in virtual reality design, interaction, and gamification.  With our combined expertise across the various fields touched by virtual reality, we can provide consultancy to bring your brand or business to the forefront of technological innovation. Whether you're building a branded virtual reality experience or expanding your company into the realm of virtual reality, we have the skills and passion for this medium to help you succeed.

Interested in making your dreams a (virtual) reality? We want to talk.