Phaser Lock Interactive has numerous opening for developers that are passionate about Virtual  Reality and Video games.  Play a key role in building the next generation of VR games on multiple platforms including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStationVR. If you are passionate about games and even more excited about defining the landscape of Virtual Reality, then we want you!


AI/Gameplay programmer


  • Implementing behaviors for Bipeds, Creatures, and Vehicle type characters across various game genres.

  • Collaborate with designers to discuss constraints and set out the technical possibilities for the various AI features.

  • Analyze existing AI features in the engine and assessing if they are suitable in light of design requirements.

  • Build new systems to meet challenging design goals.

  • Suggest innovations inspired by other games and understand current AI techniques and strategies.

  • Architect animation blend trees, collision, navigation, combat, and other systems as needed.

  • Provide test levels and systems for debugging and iterating on AI designs.

  • Determine and fix the AI bugs detected by the production and quality control teams.

  • Program in a clear and structured way, keeping in mind the performance, memory, maintenance, extensibility and compatibility requirements.

  • Document the work to share knowledge and enable users (programmers and users from other units) to understand how to use the new AI systems and features.

  • Carry out all other related tasks.


  • 6+ years’ experience on game development;

  • Strong C++/C# skills;

  • Strong experience with Unity or Unreal AI Tools

  • Good knowledge of standard algorithms and knows how to use them according to project needs;

  • Strong analytical and synthesis skills;

  • Strong ability in problem solving and adapt to change;

  • Be results- driven with a strong attention to detail;

  • Be resilient, proactive and confident, with a high developed team spirit;

  • Strong communication (oral and written) in English and collaboration skills.

Additional Skills

  • Shipped at least 2 titles, preferably 3rd person or RTS/MMO

  • Computer science, mathematics or related degree

  • Experience with Behavior Trees;

  • Experience with Animation Trees/Graphs

  • Experience with Navigation (path finding/following)

*Due to the immediate nature of this position and current government employment-visa sponsorship restrictions, we are unable to consider foreign candidates.

Software Engineer

  • Develop game mechanics and system processes

  • Implement, hone and optimize functionality in existing game engines

  • Collaborate with others to design and build architectures for new systems, and maintain and improve current ones

  • Contribute original ideas towards all aspects of game production and development

  • Advise and mentor other programmers

  • Provide technical leadership in areas of specialization and assist other engineers with technical questions

  • Work independently to complete assigned projects with limited supervision

  • Keep up to date with the technological developments and advancements in the computer game industry

  • Complete CPU and GPU specific optimization tasks

  • Develop familiarity with hardware details of specific game platforms, their capabilities and performance bottlenecks

  • Constantly analyze code performance and architect optimizations

  • Document developments and code


  • Advanced working knowledge of Unity

  • Strong knowledge of C# and moderate knowledge of other programming languages

  • Exposure to Metal rendering

  • Shader writing

  • Excellent performance optimization skills

  • Excellent math skills

  • Bachelor of Science degree in a relevant field

*Due to the immediate nature of this position and current government employment-visa sponsorship restrictions, we are unable to consider foreign candidates.



  • Design and implement multiplayer specific systems and community features

  • Prototype game concepts and architectures, working closely with the development team

  • Create systems, extending existing components of our proprietary engine

  • Own vast sections of our multiplayer game engine.

  • Make architectural decisions on code and data that provide for long term maintenance and resilient operation of the game service

  • Monitor, measure, and improve system stability and developer iteration time

  • Work with designers to specify and cost multiplayer features.


  • 5+ years of professional game industry or programming experience

  • Skilled at writing robust, efficient, and maintainable C/C++ code

  • Proven ability to design and maintain large systems

  • Experience handling bandwidth, latency and synchronization issues

  • Understanding of the fundamental networking architecture and client-server models

  • Solid C/C++ skills

  • Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with peers and supervisors

  • Ability to follow the technical direction of the Lead Programmer, and help assist other programmers as needed

*Due to the immediate nature of this position and current government employment-visa sponsorship restrictions, we are unable to consider foreign candidates

About Phaser Lock

Our mission is simple. Create amazing, mind-blowing AAA VR games that engage the player and ignite their imagination while innovating on the immersive experience and power of the VR medium. We only work with expert game developers who share the same vision in embracing the strengths and unique play mechanics that utilize the full capacity of VR technology. Since the inception of Phaser Lock, the team has been a small, hard-working group of individuals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of VR. We're looking for fearless explorers to help us blaze this new frontier. Sound like you? Join our growing team today!


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