Our leadership team has years of experience working with projects both large and small.



Michael has been in the video game/animation industry for over 25 years, spending his first 10 years of his career as 3d Animator/Art Director. Michael created one of the first animation outsourcing studios in the video game industry (The Animation Farm), working on over 45 video games including commercial and marketing campaigns for major brands like Disney, Domino’s Pizza, and McDonalds. Michael’s career took him to Sony Online Entertainment as the Studio Art Director overseeing four of their studios and the production and launch of DC Universe Online and Star Wars Galaxies. Michael has worked in motion capture as the Studio Art Director/GM position as the driving force of the creative and motion capture team for Motus Digital in Dallas TX. In summer of 2015, Michael put a team together to win the Austin VR Challenge, securing a publishing deal with Oculus and HTC/Vale to be one of the first video games to be launched with the consumer ready Virtual Reality systems. As a founding partner of Phaser Lock Interactive, Michael is now helping to define the landscape of the next generation of Augmented and Virtual Reality games and applications.  



Jason Knight is an experienced entrepreneur, business leader, and technologist whose 25 year career spans a variety of industries. He has been involved in the creation and development of new markets and technologies from IT data security, to oil field data solutions, to advanced construction methods and materials, and now virtual reality. Jason has served on the advisory boards of global companies, such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Intel helping shape the direction of the enterprise technology industry.

Since the founding of Phaser Lock Interactive, Jason has been focused on developing VR technologies that are changing the way games are played, brands are marketed, and how we consume and visualize data. Being partnered tightly with HTC, Valve, Oculus, and Sony has given Phaser Lock Interactive a unique view into how these technologies will fundamentally change the way we interact with each other and the world around us.